Friday, August 28, 2009

BLK JKS : Addicition

Ok, so I took a little break, I know. I AM LAZY.

But I am here today to tell you about a band that I am absolutely hooked on - BLK JKS. Funny thing about this band is that I saw them months ago at SXSW. Unfortunately, it was after seeing about 8 other bands prior and I just was spent.

About 2 months later, I got reintroduced to them. I was going on the road with BRCM for a weekend of out of town dates and I made a mix. I put the song Lakeside as the first song on that mix. Everytime I hear this song its like the most complicated dance party I have ever been a part of. Its swaying tempo and tribal breakdown in the middle moves me. Ask my girlfriend, who catches me singing this song to myself and dancing quite often, to which she laughs, obviously.

Since I have picked up on their other stuff, and seriously dig the shit out of it. They are a South African rock band, so they do a great job of mixing their vernacular sound into a rock sound that is fresh and sharp. Their new LP After Robots comes out Sept 8th.

I know I downloaded Lakeside somewhere on the internet for free (it may have been on NPR's SXSW free sampler) but not sure where to find it now. Check it out here, entitled LS.

Here is a link to download another one of their songs. Molalatladi


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Radiohead Song Leaked?

Nothing has been officially said, but this new song popped up on a popular Radiohead fan message board this morning.

Is it real? sure sounds it.

Take a listen to "These Are My Twisted Words"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new music makes me happy

This week some of my favorite artists have realized some new material, even if it be side projects from their main bands.

To start Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame) released "Island, IS" a track off his side project Volcano Choir's upcoming album Unmap. Download it from here. Anyone who has hung out with me in the last year knows that the Bon Iver album has been one of the most played records I own, and falls into my top 3 albums of 2008. I will be picking up Unmap on Sept. 22 for sure.

Second up is CYHSY's Alec Ounsworth's solo release under the name Flashy Python. This is apparently the second record Alec has recorded solo, but the first to be released. You can get it from his website in vinyl, cd and digital format. Groovy shit. And you can listen to it right here.

Skin and Bones:

01 Let Us Hallucinate Together
02 The Lady Is a Ghost
03 Ichiban Blues
04 Skin and Bones
05 Obscene Queen Bee
06 In the Darkness
07 Cattle's New Clothes
08 Avalon's Snake Breath

BTW, the whole download from Pitchfork thing probably seems lazy and guess what, it is. I haven't had time to setup another hosting site for my files yet, so until I take the time to do that, pitchfork can enjoy the added traffic.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lollapalooza - Beardless Style

First off, sorry I didn't do a day 2 or 3 recap blog the day of, honestly getting back after the heat of the day, drinking and packing made it pretty much impossible.

I have been to music festivals before. I had not, however, been to Lollapalooza, or Chicago for that matter. This was a weekend of firsts.

First night in town, we got acquainted with basement abode for the weekend and Oak Park. Very nice part of Chicago and very convenient for the travel into town. Had some drinks at a local bar and prepped for day 1.

Anyone who has talked to me about festivals for longer than 5 minutes knows my stance on Voodoo in New Orleans. I go, but I have my clear stance on why I think it could far better. Lollapalooza is an example of my stance. Its a festival that caters to a particular audience, and due to this, people travel across the country to come spend their weekend here. Rarely was there a gap in my schedule where it was my clear cut time to grab food or use the restroom. Instead, it was a constant bouncing back and forth between artists that I have been dying to see or bands that I had seen that I knew would blow me away.

Day 1 was just that. Even with the constant rain, the bands I saw made me forget how wet I was. For a full descripiton, read my day 1 recap. I realized I pretty much said it all there. The one thing I will restress was that was a day that saw the best bands that I had not seen before. The Knux absolutely killed and I am still listening to Remind Me in 3 Days. The best performance for me, however, of the entire weekend was Bon Iver. This is a show that will stick with me forever. He's soothing voice, matched with graceful harmonies made for a no nonsense performance. It moved me.

Oh yeah, Wicker Park struck me a very clean version of Brooklyn/Williamsburg.

Day 2, dry and HOT, was a day of being wowed by repeat offenders. I had seen quite a few of the artists playing Lollapalooza this year already. Delta Spirit started my day, and did so in wonderful fashion. They played some new material and apparently will be releasing a new album sometime around January. I still prefer them in a small smokey club. Los Campesinos and TV on the Radio both upped the bar for themselves, however. Both put on high energy shows, but Los Campesinos really made you feel it deep down. Its obvious these guys and gals are having the times of their lives doing what they do. Animal collective would definitely have to be the dissappointment of the weekend. I only heard 2 actual songs. While a club show may be a good time to do a lot of ambient instrumental jamming, a festival is not the right place. Arctic Monkeys played a great show. It was during this show that I experienced one of the highlights of my entire weekend, and it was unrelated to music.

While waiting in line for the port-a-potties, I heard 2 loud thumps. I look over and see a guy and girl had climbed the fence behind them, gotten on top and jumped down into the festival, obviously trying to skip the steep ticket price. The guy made a clean break. The girl, however, was quickly chased by two security guards. She turned a corner with the two of them closing quickly on her and I never saw the end result. Then while my back is to the port-a-potties witnessing this, I hear about 30 more thumps. All of sudden there is a mass of teenage boys doing the exact same thing. Apparently, the 2 security guards were the only ones, cause all of these people made it over quite easily.

Day 3 had no excitement of that level. In fact, a late start due to taking some time to enjoy hanging out with our great hosts and an impromtu water fight had us getting to the fest around 2:30. We relaxed while listening to The Airborne Toxic Event who I had never heard of, but put on a decent show. With Dan Deacon coming to a small club in NOLA in October, we decided it would be better to listen from afar and stake out a spot to up close for Vampire Weekend. I had seen them at Tulane's campus right when they broke out, but this show was far superior. They played new material which has me excited for their next release, and they played their set flawlessly. Cold War Kids put on a good show but are still on my list of bands I need to see at a club. Snoop was cool, I mean he is snoop. Deerhunter was cool. Caught a bit of Lou Reed, which I feel good that I did. Band of Horses were the perfect band to slot for the sunset time slot. They wrapped up my weekend with a solid performance that was beautiful. Its unfortuante that Lou Reed ran late and Band of Horses and Jane's Addiciton overlapped at the end. The Killers were like dessert. Rich, flavorly, but you can only handle so much of it before it would make you sick. We saw the perfect amount of their vibrant light show matched with the right amount of the first album to quench my sweet tooth.

That was my Lollapalooza. Thank you to Caitlin for meeting up with us and having a good time with us. And a special thank you to Kelly for doing this with me for the first time.

I think this may become a yearly tradition.

Oh yeah, pictures to come, and maybe even some goofy videos of me. Kelly may even convince me to post the infamous "poncho video."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lolla Day 1 Recap

Just wanted to give everyone a quick recap of the first day of Lollapalooza 2009.

Other Lives played a great set. This was my 4th time seeing these guys since February of this year when they opened for Delta Spirit in Mobile. This show held up to all the previous ones, just wish they had more than 30 minutes.

Hey Champ (props to Michael Girardot for putting these guys on my radar) brought some synth pop rock to the fest that up to this point has not been to being matched. Pure fun time.

The only Hip Hop I will probably see now that Beastie Boys had to back out was quite the epic adventure. The Knux may have by far had the most crowd participation of any show I saw today. They even had 30 people on stage at point. All I could think is "security is shitting themselves right now."

Bon Iver. More than worth the down pour I sat through to see them for the first time. Truly magical experience.

Thanks to said downpour, there was a break for changing of shirts and purchasing of sweatshirts.

This cut a little into my Fleet Foxes set. Having seen them before, I knew just want to expect when I did show up and they did not leave me hanging. They brought their "A" game, their vocal harmonies could cut butter.

This rolled into the "Oh Shit, Lolla booked 4 bands that I want to see all into 2 hours." So I piece mealed The Decemberists (one thumbs up), Theivery Corporation (2 thumbs down, sorry I just wasn't into it), Peter Bjorn and John (2 thumbs up, Young Folks live, yes please) and Of Montreal (one up for the theatrics). Sorry Andrew Bird, I will see you at Tips in Oct.

I did my deed and caught a few songs of Depeche Mode. Not the greatest, but a hell of a visual show.

Kings of Leon were good at what they do now, but I so miss what they were 3-4 years ago.

Outside of the rain (which was nice, till it really rained) Day 1 was full of the great music, $5 beers and a happy me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So...I've been a lazy ass

That's right. There is no other reason to blame my absolute disregard for this blog.

Now be aware, I am by no means trying to claim it to be some important blog that hundreds of people read daily in the past, nor am I saying that is what it will become. If it does, SUPER. But really, I just want to do this as an outlet so that maybe some people (mostly my friends) find some new music, and maybe talk about it occasionally.

Now up to this point, everything I have done on this blog has been very formal. Just from this post alone, I hope you see that is going to change. There will still be the occasional album review which will continue to have a more formal tone, but there will be short blurbs about a song I am addicted to, the occasional youtube video, etc. Hopefully, I will also put up a bi-weekly digital mix tape for people to dig on. Just generally anything that I feel like throwing up here that is music related is the expected content.

Though less formal in verbal content, I do, however, plan on finally giving this blog a less standard look. It will probably have an owl or two, isn't that exciting?

I am heading to Lollapalooza this weekend and will use that as a means of getting this thing back on track. My first time in Chi Town. Everyone says I will love it.

So for those who actually read this, I hope you keep coming back and enjoy the things I put up.

**disclaimer** As I said in the beginning of this post, I am a LAZY ASS. Sometimes, I just don't feel like shaving on a regular basis. Some have taken that as means of me discrediting the name of this blog. In reality, the name comes from the fact that as much I would love to have a giant bushy beard, I just can't do it. Genetics have graced me with a pathetic patchy set of facial hair that half of which is too blonde to really show up anyway. Maybe one day I will have the St. Nick beard to go with the St. Nick physique I am rocking.