Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lolla Day 1 Recap

Just wanted to give everyone a quick recap of the first day of Lollapalooza 2009.

Other Lives played a great set. This was my 4th time seeing these guys since February of this year when they opened for Delta Spirit in Mobile. This show held up to all the previous ones, just wish they had more than 30 minutes.

Hey Champ (props to Michael Girardot for putting these guys on my radar) brought some synth pop rock to the fest that up to this point has not been to being matched. Pure fun time.

The only Hip Hop I will probably see now that Beastie Boys had to back out was quite the epic adventure. The Knux may have by far had the most crowd participation of any show I saw today. They even had 30 people on stage at point. All I could think is "security is shitting themselves right now."

Bon Iver. More than worth the down pour I sat through to see them for the first time. Truly magical experience.

Thanks to said downpour, there was a break for changing of shirts and purchasing of sweatshirts.

This cut a little into my Fleet Foxes set. Having seen them before, I knew just want to expect when I did show up and they did not leave me hanging. They brought their "A" game, their vocal harmonies could cut butter.

This rolled into the "Oh Shit, Lolla booked 4 bands that I want to see all into 2 hours." So I piece mealed The Decemberists (one thumbs up), Theivery Corporation (2 thumbs down, sorry I just wasn't into it), Peter Bjorn and John (2 thumbs up, Young Folks live, yes please) and Of Montreal (one up for the theatrics). Sorry Andrew Bird, I will see you at Tips in Oct.

I did my deed and caught a few songs of Depeche Mode. Not the greatest, but a hell of a visual show.

Kings of Leon were good at what they do now, but I so miss what they were 3-4 years ago.

Outside of the rain (which was nice, till it really rained) Day 1 was full of the great music, $5 beers and a happy me.

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