Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So...I've been a lazy ass

That's right. There is no other reason to blame my absolute disregard for this blog.

Now be aware, I am by no means trying to claim it to be some important blog that hundreds of people read daily in the past, nor am I saying that is what it will become. If it does, SUPER. But really, I just want to do this as an outlet so that maybe some people (mostly my friends) find some new music, and maybe talk about it occasionally.

Now up to this point, everything I have done on this blog has been very formal. Just from this post alone, I hope you see that is going to change. There will still be the occasional album review which will continue to have a more formal tone, but there will be short blurbs about a song I am addicted to, the occasional youtube video, etc. Hopefully, I will also put up a bi-weekly digital mix tape for people to dig on. Just generally anything that I feel like throwing up here that is music related is the expected content.

Though less formal in verbal content, I do, however, plan on finally giving this blog a less standard look. It will probably have an owl or two, isn't that exciting?

I am heading to Lollapalooza this weekend and will use that as a means of getting this thing back on track. My first time in Chi Town. Everyone says I will love it.

So for those who actually read this, I hope you keep coming back and enjoy the things I put up.

**disclaimer** As I said in the beginning of this post, I am a LAZY ASS. Sometimes, I just don't feel like shaving on a regular basis. Some have taken that as means of me discrediting the name of this blog. In reality, the name comes from the fact that as much I would love to have a giant bushy beard, I just can't do it. Genetics have graced me with a pathetic patchy set of facial hair that half of which is too blonde to really show up anyway. Maybe one day I will have the St. Nick beard to go with the St. Nick physique I am rocking.

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Kristian said...

Nice to see you got off your ass. Because of your lazyness, I've been listening to the same old stuff since January! jhaha...Honestly, if it weren't for you I'd only be listening to Neil Diamond and the Dr. Who sound track. Glad you are back.